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Virus Removal NOTICE

As of 11/1/2008 we will no longer perform on-site virus removal services.  We will continue to perform virus removal services in-shop at a much less cost than performing the same services on-site.  Please take a moment to read this.

If your computer has become infected with a virus it isn't just one. Many viruses silently and maliciously disable your virus protection opening the door for many more.  We haven't worked on any systems that have had a single virus for several years.

Removing a single virus can sometimes become a challenge. If the threat (virus, trojan, spyware, adware, etc.) made it past your computer's security software it's considered to be a bigger threat than even large companies such as Symantec, Sophos, McAfee, and others can easily or quickly deal with.  These companies employ hundreds of highly skilled security experts hard at work updating virus definitions 24/7.  So, for us to remove a single threat from your secure computer could require as little as 30 minutes or perhaps several hours.  Multiple threats will require more than an hour for certain.

The removal process often requires waiting, researching and more waiting.  We must run a full deep scan of your entire hard drive -- every single file -- to retrieve the list of threats.  This may require more than an hour for severely infected systems.  Some threats can be easily removed using removal tools specifically created for an individual threat.  Others may require editing the system's registry and manually removing files when possible.  Then scanning again and maybe even a third and forth time.

Bottom line is a threat removal with the waiting time involved can take many billable hours on-site that can be avoided by sending the infected computer to our shop.  We bill only for the actual time spent working on the computer -- no waiting time.  Turnaround time varies based upon the amount of work required to make your computer running like new again.

Please contact us at 708-233-1400 with any questions.


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