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The Great Debate

Then there's the never-ending debate of: Is it better to turn off your computer or leave it running?  Like all good debates, there is no single answer to satisfy every factor.  Here are some of the competing considerations you must balance and weigh against one another: energy cost, thermal stress from heating and cooling, the strain caused by powering up, the increased chance of power events, and convenience.  Clearly, no single solution is optimal.

Common sense dictates some general guidelines.  Always turn off non-energy-saving monitors when not in use.  If you are not going to use your home computer for several days, turn it off.  Turn off your work computer over the weekend and consider doing so in the evenings, as well.  Unplug your computer during a major power outage and don't plug it back in until the power has stabilized in your area.

This from Microsoft:
Turning your PC on and off wears it out.  A decade ago, there was something to this, but not today, say Hershberg and others.  It used to be that PC hard disks did not automatically park their heads when shut off, and that frequent on/off cycling could damage the hard disks.  Today's PCs are designed to handle 40,000 on/off cycles before a failure, and that's a number you likely won't reach during the computer's five-to-seven-year life span.

Or this:
"Myth No. 1!" cried Tina Woolston, staffer at Tufts University's Office of Sustainability.  In fact, Woolston made public, leaving a computer on does more harm because of heat stress, says the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Woolston also said that it takes 100 to 500 trees to offset the carbon dioxide emissions of a single computer left on all year.   When asking Woolston how to change office policy,  she warned about the two most common objections: "We've always done it this way" and "We've never done it this way."  Form a "green team," she suggested. Focus on cash savings as well as earthly good.  


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